4 quick sewing machine projects for your home

Here are four quick sewing machine projects for your home:

  1. Pillowcase skirts
    The quick and easy pillowcase skirt is ideal for back to school and party skirts for girls. The best part is that it only takes a few minutes to make. Since pillowcases already have a hem, the skirt only needs two seams. Pillowcases are quite small, which is why this is more suited for girls as opposed to adults. All you need is an unused pillowcase, 3cm of elastic. Topstitch at the top edge and at the bottom edge of the lines that you have cut according to size, thread an elastic through the casing, overlap and sew. You can then sew an optional trim to the original pillowcase hem stitching.
  2. Simple drawstring bags
    These bags are ideal for summertime accessories like sunscreen and lip ice. Get a metre of fabric and around three metres of ribbon (depending on how big you want your bag to be), cut a rectangle and make a buttonhole for the drawstring. Fold your bag in half and stitch down along the seams. Turn the bag inside out and insert the drawstring.
  3. Keychain lip ice holder
    Cut about 7cm wide and 18cm long across a piece of fabric, fold it in half and sew up along the sides. Press one edge flat and hem on the edge. Do the same along the opposite side but leave a cm or two at the top. Thread the top hem through the key ring.
  4. Toddler leggings
    All you need is knee high socks and 3cm of knit elastic. Measure 12cm from the heel of the knee highs and cut the end (toe) of the socks off. Cut a straight line from the toes to the heel of the sock. Insert one sock into the folded over (inside out) opposite sock. Match the edges at the heel of the sock, pull one sock from inside of the other and you’ve got toddler leggings.

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Learn to sew: 7 types of darts essential for sewing

People who want to learn to sew usually start with the basics such as learning the types of darts. A dart is used to shape a flat piece of material. These are the seven types of darts that are essential for sewing:

  1. Plain darts 
    Plain darts are usually the first type of darts that people learn to sew because they are the most common. Plain darts are used to make pleats and seams that are found in the bust and hip parts of clothing patterns.
  2. Bust darts 
    Bust darts are used to ensure that tops and bodice parts of clothing are fitted for a women’s figure.
  3. French darts
    These darts are also used to ensure that tops are formfitting on women. They start at the bottom (waist) area of a top and travel upwards towards the bust area.
  4. Waist darts
    Waist darts are simple darts that are found in ungathered skirts and trousers.
  5. Elbow darts
    If fitted sleeves are needed in tailored jackets, then elbow darts are used.
  6. Double pointed darts
    Two darts are joined together to give shape to the centre of a dress or jacket, for example.
  7. Curved darts
    A dart is curved when it is stitched to be convex or concave (instead of straight) to give you the shape that you need.

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