5 Reasons Why A Sewing Machine Is The Perfect Christmas Gift

sewing machine

Racking your brain to try to think of a great gift for someone creative and who loves working with her hands? Here are a few reasons why a sewing machine is the best Christmas gift out there!

It Is Affordable

If you buy your sewing machine gift at Empisal, you can take advantage of our excellent prices, which are cheaper than all the other retailers in the industry are. We also stock affordable sewing equipment, like mini sewing kits, if you are keen to bulk the gift up a bit.

It Is Versatile

You can do so many things with an affordable sewing machine! From general clothing repair to appliqué and all sorts of little sewing projects. Make receiving blankets for that next baby shower or a fancy pencil case for the kids at school. The options are practically endless.

They Will Get A Lot Of Use Out Of It 

Rest assured that even if they were not sewing experts, a sewing machine would always come in handy over the years.

Opportunity For Bonding 

If you also sew as a hobby, there is an opportunity to enjoy some bonding time with the loved one whom you gift with a new sewing machine. You could attend classes together, take on new projects together, or simply try some new types of stitching the next time you are around for tea.

It Will Be A Great Surprise

Unlike socks, perfume and gift vouchers, a sewing machine is not a common gift. The magic of Christmas is in the surprise, after all!

So, make Christmas extra memorable this year by giving a classic sewing machine as a gift. Get high-quality sewing machines and overlockers at Empisal today. Get in touch now to learn more.

What is Appliqué?


So, you are keen to take on the challenge of new and exciting sewing projects. Want to try something different? If so, you have probably been investigating appliqué and how it works. We have the information you have been looking for below, along with some helpful tips for mastering the technique.

So, What Is It? 

What is appliqué, you ask? In short, appliqué is all about intricate needlework, making it an option for experienced sewers. You basically use a special needlework technique to create patterns by attaching smaller pieces of fabric, beads or sequins to a larger piece of fabric. You can create pictures, scenes, words, simple elbow patches… pretty much anything with appliqué. It is guaranteed to give your garments an entirely new aesthetic and dynamic. In addition, it is the perfect opportunity to get creative!

What Sewing Equipment Do I Need?

While traditional appliqué is done by hand with the help of a classic sewing kit and needle, it is possible to use an affordable sewing machine to get the job done too. The only reason not to use a sewing machine for appliqué would be if you want to make your needlework visible.

Here are some tips for appliqué using a sewing machine:

  • Always use an open toe appliqué foot
  • Write down your settings
  • Use the FIX function

With a bit of patience and the right sewing equipment for your sewing project, the result is sure to be breathtaking.

Allow Empisal to assist you in getting your hands on the right pieces for your easy sewing projects. From overlockers to ironing equipment and a steam press, we have everything you could possibly need. Contact us today to learn more.