Learn to Sew – How to Make Topstitching Straight Every Time


Are you a beginner who is just starting to learn how to sew? There is nothing that is more of a dead giveaway than an uneven topstitch. Luckily, you don’t need to rack up years of sewing experience in order to get this right. Here are our tips for making topstitching straight every time:


Top stitches are extremely visible and can make or break the end result of a garment. Knowing this, many beginners start to feel nervous and tense up, even if they have come close to mastering the art of sewing a straight line! Try to relax and take your time. You’re much more likely to achieve a near-perfect topstitch this way.

Use the Right Equipment 

Not only will you need the right sewing equipment and sewing machine, but you will also need to pay attention to the smaller details, such as which needles and thread you are using. Thread that has been specifically made for topstitching will obviously make it easier to achieve a straight line. Also always remember to use needles specifically made for your sewing machine.

Know How to Fix Mistakes 

If you are trying to rectify an error, especially if in the middle of a seam, it is always best to pull the thread tails to the ‘wrong’ side. This generally results in a much better blending effect. If you snip them on the other side, there may be evidence of your mistake in the form of ‘hairy’ stitches.

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5 Must-Have Sewing Accessories to Buy This Christmas!

sewing accessories

Whether you’re treating yourself or buying gifts for a savvy sewer who is very dear to your heart, there are a few sewing accessories that you simply cannot do without regardless of what your next sewing project may be. The good news is that these must-have sewing accessories make excellent Christmas gifts, too!

1.Seam Ripper 

While most beginner sewing kits come with a seam ripper, they are very rarely good quality. If you want to make your sewing project easier, it is often better to invest in a much nicer one. Look for a seam ripper that allows for a good, comfortable grip and that is very sharp.

2.Steam Press 

Sewing is impossible if fabrics are creased. Hence, the need for a high-quality steam press. Ideal for before and after finishing touches!

3.Glass Head Pins 

Most sewers use plastic head pins by default – but glass head pins really make all the difference. Not only do they glide into fabrics a lot smoother, they also won’t melt from the heat of an iron or steam press and are also immune to rust.

4.Dressmaker’s Sheers

Yes, you can use ordinary scissors for sewing equipment when working on your sewing project. However, investing in a pair of sharp dressmaker’s scissors will make your job endlessly easier.

5.Rotary Mat and Cutter 

A rotary cutter makes it easier to cut through multiple layers of fabric and is simple to use once you get the hang of it.

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