Baby Gifts: How to Sew a Receiving Blanket

Attending a friend or family member’s baby shower? Or celebrating the birth of a new little bundle of joy? There is no greater gift than something home-made from the heart! Here is how to sew a beautiful receiving blanket:


What You Will Need: 

In order to start this sewing project, aside from your sewing machine and sewing equipment, you will need only two things:

  1. 2 x 1 metres of appropriately patterned/coloured fabric, and
  2. Matching thread.


You can choose the same fabric for both pieces. Or, you can mix-and-match for a bit of creative flair. Either way, the best type of material for making receiving blankets is flannel.


How it Is Done: 

  • Begin by making sure that both pieces of fabric are the same size, and by cutting away any stray ends.
  • Place the fabric together, and use your sewing machine to sew around all of the edges.
  • Leave a small opening so that you are able to pull the blanket the right way around once you are done sewing.
  • Pull the blanket through so that it is the right way around, and use an iron to ensure that all edges are even and flat.
  • Once you are satisfied, the final step is to whip stitch the opening shut and VOILA.
  • Experienced sewers may also choose to complete the sewing project with a decorative stitch if they wish. All in all, it should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete.


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This Circle Skirt Is a Summer Must-Have!


Summer is nearly here, and we could not be more excited! Just think about all of the stunning summer fashion trends and items that you will be able to celebrate with the help of your trusty, affordable sewing machine. Looking for some inspiration to get you started? Then look no further -this circle skirt is a true summer must-have.


What You Will Need: 

The skirt is actually very easy to recreate, especially because it consists only of two parts, namely the elastic waistband and the other part, the half-circle base. With this in mind, you will need:

  • A lightweight, patterned material of your choice – between 2 and 3 metres of fabric should do the trick
  • An elastic band according to the size of your waist/hips
  • Thread in a matching colour
  • A sewing machine
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Rotary cutter
  • Overlocker


How it Is Done: 

  • Fold your fabric into a half circle.


  • After this step, you will need to measure to separate radii. The first one will be based on the measurements of your hips, plus an additional 10 cm. For example, if your hips are 105 cm, you will add 10 cm to that and end up with 115 cm. Divide this by 3,14 to get your first radius. In this case, it would be 37 cm (rounded up).


  • The larger radius is determined by the desired length of the skirt. Say you want it to be 80 cm long. Then, you will calculate the second radius by adding a seam allowance of 1 cm and adding this total to your first radius. In this case, it would be:37 cm + 81 cm = 118cm.


  • Make the necessary measurements on the fabric and cut. Once you have done this, you can start by sewing down the side seam and the bottom seams. An overlocker will make it easier to work with the edges.


  • Connect the ends of the waistband to one another, so that the right side is on the right side. Stitch it, but remember to leave the hole for the elastic. Stitch it to the body of the skirt before threading the elastic through and sewing both sides together.


  • Finally, get out into the fresh summer air and enjoy your new creation!


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