Knowing how to use a sewing machine is a wonderful skill to have, it lets you get creative and save money through a wide range of projects. It allows you to put your own unique stamp to your very own creation. Here are some great first projects for beginners.

  1. Pillowcases: Nothing updates your living room or bedroom as quickly and effectively as new pillowcases, whether they’re for throw cushions or full sized pillows. Choose an attractive and eye-catching fabric for impact and, if it has a pattern, don’t forget to orientate the print so that it looks the way you want when it’s finished. These larger scale, low pressure projects let you relax and practice your new skills – with great results!
  2. Pajama pants: Want to start sewing your own clothes? This is the ideal beginner project! Pyjama pants don’t have a lot of pieces, the seams are straight and you can use them to practice making drawstring and elastic casings as well as pants hems. They make great gifts and, with so many fun fabric options out there, you can get creative with this simple pattern.
  3. Totes: Useful and fun to make, you can make a tote that fits every outfit and occasion. There are a huge range of styles and patterns out there, from simple 30 minute projects to more complex quilted, reversible, patchwork and zippered options, so you can move through them as you gain confidence.
  4. Bathroom caddy: Running out of storage space in your bathroom? A caddy will help store and display your toiletries and can easily be hung on a bathroom hook. You can make it out of soft terrycloth, mesh or a more water-resistant material depending on your needs and include as many pockets as you want!
  5. Window shade: Make a pretty and simple window shade out of your favourite materials – we love raw linen. Measure your window and place pretty buttons at two different heights so that you can adjust the amount of light coming into your room. This simple look is elegant and creative, and so easy to make!

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