It is easy to make mistakes when you are just starting to sew. Sometimes it can be blamed on the sewing machine and other times, it is because we are simply human. Identifying these mistakes can help you to avoid making them in the future as well as to rectify certain mistakes. Empisal gives you a guide to the common mistakes you could be making with your sewing projects.


  • Choosing the Wrong Fabric 

Beginners, especially, tend to choose a fabric based on colour and appeal rather than the base of the fabric and whether it suits a pattern. Make sure to use the actual fabric suggested for the particular pattern.


  • Choosing the Wrong Type of Thread 

It is important to choose the correct thread for your particular sewing project. Make sure to check the label, as certain threads (such as rayon, silk and quilting thread) are not appropriate for garment construction. It is common practice that 100% polyester all-purpose thread is used on most garments.


  • Choosing the Wrong Type of Needle 

The sewing machine needle is the most important feature of your project. Choosing the wrong needle can result in tangled threads or bad stitches. There are different types of needles that are suitable for a particular fabric. A universal needle is good for sewing natural fibres, and ballpoint or jersey needles are best for sewing projects with knits.


There are different needles for stretch fabrics, metallic and leather. Make sure you also replace the needle regularly as needles tend to wear with use and after time. As a general rule, the needle size should fit the weight of the fabric and should be changed every 6 to 8 hours to provide good sharpness.


  • Using the Wrong Sewing Equipment for Your Project 

Not using the best sewing equipment (such as scissors and overlockers) can compromise the quality of the fabric and increase the duration of your sewing machine projects. Choosing an overlocker with self-threading and rolled-hems can save you a lot of time if you want quick, easy threading.


Household scissors should never be used as they cause your blade to become blunt over time. Sewing scissors should be used since it has the sharpest quality. Special seam rippers are available to use on seams rather than scissors as it is a safer option and will not damage your fabric.


  • Incorrect Use of Your Presser Foot 

Not using the pressure foot properly results in the fabric not being held in place, which causes the thread to get bunched up. Do not forget to put the pressure foot down. This will ensure that you always have neat stitches. An all-purpose foot comes in handy here like the Empisal Creations.




Whether you are just learning how to sew or whether you are an old hand, Empisal can help you to reduce mistakes when working on your sewing projects. From affordable sewing machines to overlockers, we cater for your every sewing need. Find out more about us and our products and contact us today!