The festive season is on the horizon, so if you’re planning on making your own Christmas gifts for friends and family, now’s the time to look for fun, simple sewing projects! Here are some great gift ideas from Empisal, manufacturers of the affordable EES10:

  1. Christmas stockings: Individual Christmas stockings are useful as well as great at adding some festive décor to your loved one’s homes. You can make them from a wide range of materials, including knits and quilted materials in any pattern that catches your fancy. Add embroidered names or messages for an additional personal touch!
  2. Festive tote bags: Useful for Christmas shopping, for holding gifts and carrying everything you need for your holiday engagements, tote bags are simple to make and look great! You can go with a Christmas theme to tie in to the holidays or make them up in your loved one’s favourite colours.
  3. Throw blankets: These are the perfect gift – they can be made to suit any taste and are always a welcome addition to any home! Pick colours and patterns your friends and family will love and back it with a warm, fleecy lining. Alternatively, back it with a waterproof lining to make a summer picnic blanket.
  4. Christmas tree skirt: Ideal for anyone who loves Christmas trees, these skirts hide the metal or plastic feet of artificial Christmas trees while adding some festive flair. You can make it plain or a patchwork of differently patterned materials – ideal for using up those fabric scraps.
  5. Christmas placemats: For many families, much of their Christmas celebration involves sitting around a table that is groaning with delicious food in the company of friends and family. Handmade Christmas placemats are a great gift that adds festive decoration and is practical too!

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