When attempting sewing projects, you will be left with scrap fabric that might soon become a big pile of leftover fabric pieces. Rather than throw these scrap pieces away, use them in easy sewing projects. If you have a sewing machine and sewing equipment, it will be easy to get your project going.


Here are some sewing project ideas that will make it easy to get rid of that scrap fabric in no time:

  • Kitchen sewing projects – Spending money on kitchen towels, pot holders, and napkins can be costly. By using your scrap fabric, you can easily make original handcrafted kitchen necessities that fit your individual style.
  • Blanket sewing projects – Handcrafted blankets add a lot of colour to a dull room. If you sew together a number of square fabrics, you will end up with a big blanket to keep you warm while doing a new scrap fabric project.
  • Flower sewing projects – Sewing flowers out of scrap materials and using haberdashery to decorate them will look great anywhere in your home or on your clothes or accessories.
  • Bean bag sewing projects – Bean bags are a fun and educational accessory to play with for a child. Making square shaped fabric pieces and filling them with beans is a great sewing project, not to mention the original colours and patterns!
  • Clothes sewing projects – If you like original clothing that no one else has, why not sew together scrap fabric to make a colourful skirt or shirt? It is easy to do and will help you get rid of scrap material quickly.


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