One of the most useful, yet under used stitches available on almost every sewing machine, is the zig-zag stitch. Most people opt for the straight stitch when just starting out, as it is what the default is set as on a sewing machine. But, the zig-zag stitch allows for the creating and functioning of certain garments that the straight stitch does not allow for.

Whether you are using an affordable sewing machine like the Empisal Creations, or something more advanced like the Empisal Expression, the zig-zag stitch should be available on it. And, it is preferable to use in these situations:


  1. Useful For Stretch Fabric
    Knit fabric has a lot of stretch in it. Using a straight stitch on a knitted fabric is not ideal. This is because a straight stitch has no give in it, meaning it cannot stretch with the material. A zig-zag stitch is perfect for this application, however, as it allows the fabric to stretch and deform.


  1. Finishing a Raw Edge
    Any woven fabric will fray unless the edge is finished. There are a few stitches you can use to finish a raw edge, and the zig-zag stitch is one of them!


  1. Repair Holes
    A tear in your fabric will just get larger if left to its own devices. Place a small scrap of fabric behind the hole and use a zig-zag stitch to close it! Try to use a matching thread colour so your repair work does not stick out.


  1. Stitch On a Patch
    In order to effectively stitch on a patch, it will be best to use a wide, close together zig-zag stitch that will ensure the patch stays in place and can handle additional strain.


  1. Decoration
    The zig-zag stitch is inherently pretty and instrumental in creating what is known as the lettuce of a flutter edge. In order to do this, use a zig-zag stitch and sew right on the raw edge of the fabric, pulling as you go.


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