It might be surprising to hear that not all the most useful sewing tools are available in a sewing shop – in fact, they’re probably already in your home! Here’s advice from Empisal, manufacturers of the affordable EES10 on some common household items that can help make sewing easier:

  1. String: Great for fitting the waistline on skirts, pants and dresses, string is also useful for gathering longer stretches of fabric. Simply use it instead of thread when sewing the double zigzag row needed for making gathers (being careful not to sew the string). It’s quick, easy and results in nice, even gathers.
  2. Tape: Invisible tape is great for fixing paper pattern adjustments in place and holding zippers in place for sewing, as well as securing cut seams. Painter’s tape is also a great addition to your sewing space as it’s a useful marking tool (it can be written on with pen or pencil) as well as for marking seams to make sure that you get an exact, straight line.
  3. Golf tees: Pair your threaded bobbins with their matching spool by attaching them to one another with a golf tee so that they never get lost again.
  4. Pointed tweezers: Easily extract tangled threads from your sewing machine’s bobbin area as well as bits of fuzz and other debris.
  5. Binder clips: Ideal for holding a quilt together before you sew or clipping different groups of fabrics together with you’re dealing with multiple pattern pieces or swatches, these binders are great for organising fabrics and can easily be attached to your peg board using their hooped metal handle.
  6. Baking paper: More affordable than tracing paper, this product is just as easy to use – and you can use any leftover sheets for baking biscuits!

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