6 must-have tools for your sewing room

No sewing room is complete without these essentials, say Empisal sewing machine specialists:

  1. Measuring tape: You need one or two good quality measuring tapes. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes (with 150cm being the most popular choice) as well as combinations (cm and inches, just cm or just inches). Be sure to buy a new measuring tape every few years, as they can stretch.
  2. Point turner: This is essential for sewing corners and collars. It allows you to turn over fabric without damaging it, to create sharp creases and push out corners, and unfasten basting stitches easily.
  3. Erasable markers: It’s best to never use anything else than an erasable marker when tracing out patterns. These will make clear outlines that last while you are assembling the finished product but will completely disappear when washed. You can also get chalk pens and wheels, which are great for marking out darts and pleats.
  4. Cutting tools: These include dressmaking scissors (these are used for sewing and making clothing, and are available in right and left-handed versions), pinking scissors (for neatening edges of cottons and non-fray fabrics), needlework scissors (for snipping into seam allowances and clipping threads when handling small work areas) and seam rippers/unpickers.
  5. Fabric glue: This product prevents fraying where the fabric is clipped close to the stitching.
  6. Interfacing and stabilisers: Available in light, medium and heavyweight for different types of fabric, these are needed in pockets and collars and can be ironed on before stitching.

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