7 must-have items for when you learn how to sew

sewing machine project

Like any craft, sewing requires that you have a few basic foundational items when you first start out. This can, of course, be expanded on to accommodate new techniques and tools, but your everyday items are often still the most important. Here are some essentials, recommended by Empisal, makers of the EMPISAL CREATIONS SEWING MACHINE for beginners.

  1. The right sewing machine: There are a huge range of machines out there, and beginners require something that is reliable, affordable and easy to use. Look for a good quality brand that is within your budget, that offer the right beginners stitches, accessories and sewing feet for the projects you are interested in.
  2. Fabric scissors: These shears are designed specifically for cleanly cutting through fabric and should never be used on anything else or they will get blunt. Large shears are ideal for bigger pieces of fabric, but it’s a good idea to have a second, smaller pair for close work.
  3. Seam ripper: Even the pros mess up a seam now and then, so this tool is a life-saver that will last through all your projects as you build up your skills. Unlike scissors, this tool helps you rip through seams without damaging material.
  4. Soft tape measure: Ideal for any project, especially clothing, a soft tape measure is essential for getting the right measurements around curves and shapes.
  5. Good quality needles: Your sewing machine will be working hard even on simple projects, and that needle needs to be able to stand up to it else you’ll be dealing with skipped stitches and broken needles all the time. We recommend Schmetz needles, as they are very high-quality and durable, and come in a wide range suited to different materials and projects.
  6. Pins and pin cushion: You’ll need plenty of pins to plan out your project, and a pin cushion will keep them both easily available and safely out of the way. You can even get pin cushions that attach at the wrist for even easier access while pinning a pattern or gathering a skirt hem.
  7. Fabric marker: While pins are useful, fabric markers are often a better bet for certain jobs, like marking out a pattern or a seam line.

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