Quilting is an ancient craft that reaches back through many different periods in history and civilisations, from China to Egypt and the Americas. No one knows quite where it originated, but this diverse, functional and beautiful art form is here to stay.

What are the different types of quilts?

  • Hand quilting: This technique uses a needle and thread, sewing a running stitch by hand across the quilt’s surface to bind the two layers together. Usually, a quilting frame or hoop is used to hold together the section that is being worked on, and quilters often use a stab stitch, rocking stitch or loading the needle to create their pattern.
  • Machine quilting: This is done using a home sewing machine or longarm machine to sew the pattern into the material and connect the pieces together. It is a popular method, as it allows the work to go much faster and smoother than hand quilting. It requires a special quilting needle to prevent puckering and bumps, as well as the right strength thread for your project.

Interesting quilt styles

  • Wedding ring quilts: Dating back to the Great Depression and using a pattern found in fourth century Rome, these quilts were a traditional wedding gift. It consists of interlocking circles pieced together with small arcs of fabric in colours and patterns of your preference.
  • Amish quilts: Made by hand and known for their very high quality of stitching, these quilts make up for their sedate patterns and colours with their incredible quality. Usually, you can find them in dark, solid colours and simple geometric patterns with little embellishment.
  • Applique quilts: This is a French technique that sews different pieces of material on top of each other in layers together to form a design. Often complex and eye-catching, these often ornate quilts are the centre of attention in any room, creating an immediate and detailed focal point.
  • Patchwork quilts: Like applique quilts, patchwork quilts use different pieces of material to create eye-catching designs. However, the similarities stop there, as the pieces of material are joined together by their edges rather than placed on top of each other.

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