Visit any sewing shop and you’ll find a wide range of different types of threads, each suited to different types of sewing. Here’s a quick guide to finding the right thread for your project:

  • General purpose thread: Available in polyester or mercanised cotton, this thread can be used for sewing most types of fabrics on a machine or by hand.
  • Silk thread: Designed for sewing silks and wool, this thread is fine, flexible and won’t leave holes. It is, however, a much more expensive thread.
  • Woolly nylon thread: This loosely spun thread is used for overlockers and decorative effects. It is strong, stretchy and soft, giving the best coverage for seams and rolled edges.
  • Machine embroidery thread: This is a fine, high-sheen thread that is used in combination with bobbin fill when creating embroidery, applique, patching, quilting and more.
  • Bobbin thread: This is a fine, lightweight thread used in combination with machine embroidery thread when quilting or embroidering fabric.
  • Glow-in-the-dark thread: A fun, novelty thread, this is used in decorative sewing.
  • Metallic thread: A polyester thread with a metallic sheen, this thread comes in a wide range of colours and is used for decorative sewing.
  • Top stitching cotton: This is a thicker, strong thread used for top stitching on denim or making buttonholes.
  • Wash away thread: Highly soluble, this thread is ideal for basting stitches as they simply dissolve and wash away in water. It is often used when doing applique or quilting.
  • Decorative thread: This is a variegated cotton thread used for decorative sewing.
  • Invisible thread: This thread is transparent, allowing the fabric to retail patterns, textures and effects without revealing the stitching. This is often used in applique and quilting.

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