For anyone who sews or quilts, having the opportunity to create your own sewing room is a dream come true. As with any crafting space, design is everything, from getting the perfect work surface to having just the right amount of storage. Here are our tips for designing a functional and beautiful sewing or quilting space.

  • Layout: Knowing your space and how different pieces of furniture are going to fit is essential, especially if you aren’t designing a brand new space. While measuring is everything, visualizing your space can be a challenge, so why not recreate your room on paper? Measure your space out and chart it on grid paper, either life size or to scale. Then, do the same with each piece of furniture you want to include. This way, you can move furniture and try out hundreds of different layouts without all the heavy lifting!
  • Workspace design: You’ll want your space to be efficient and easy to move around in, so take a note from professional office designers! Research has shown that L, T or U-shaped workspaces function better than other shapes and provide the easiest access to different pieces of equipment.
  • Choose your equipment: In addition to your sewing machine, there are some essential pieces of equipment and furniture that your room is incomplete without. These include a pin board for patterns and inspiration, a clear work surface, a comfortable chair for hand sewing, shelving for books and patterns, your haberdashery and good lighting so that you don’t strain your eyesight.
  • Create stations: If you have the space, creating different stations around each activity is ideal – especially if you like working on multiple projects. A sewing station should include a work surface, chair, sewing machine, overlockers, thread, bobbins, feet, lighting and easy access to patterns. A cutting station should have a cutting table, lighting, scissors, rotary cutters and a rotary cutting mat. Pressing centres should include your ironing equipment, steam press and spray bottles.

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