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How To Read And Understand Sewing Patterns

How To Read And Understand Sewing Patterns

When sewing garments, beginners need to learn how to use patterns. Read on to discover more about understanding to reading sewing patterns. How to Read Sewing Patterns The joy of sewing patterns is that you can learn so much from them. Many a seasoned sewist has mastered techniques using their instructions. The downside, however, is […]

Thread 101: How To Choose The Right Thread For Sewing

Thread 101_ How To Choose The Right Thread For Sewing

The most seasoned sewist will tell you that correctly choosing thread is a contributor to the success of your sewing project and can be a challenge for a beginner. Not all threads are created equal; there are higher quality threads that can make all the difference. Learn about different types of thread here. How to […]

All About Sewing Machine Needles

All About Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing machine needles come in different types and sizes for different applications. Using the right one is key to achieving a professional finish – it also saves you from headaches and wasting time on broken needles, snags, and puckered seams. Whatever type of needle you are dealing with, the shank (top) of the needle has […]

A Beginners Guide to Sewing With Silk

A Beginners Guide to Sewing With Silk

The luxurious appeal of silk lies in its softness and sheen – the characteristics that make sewing with silk strike fear in the hearts of many sewists. Step 1 – Fabric Preparation It is always a good habit to pre-wash your fabric before embarking on a sewing project. (Our sincere condolences to you if you […]

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Your Sewing Machine

Caring For Your Sewing Machine

Cleaning and caring for your sewing machine adds years to its service while reducing unnecessary frustration for you. Whether you’re repairing an old machine or starting with a brand new one, there are a few basics you should know to keep your sewing machine in good condition. Keep Your Sewing Machine Covered This may not […]

How To Plan Your Own Active/Fitness Wear Business Part 2

How To Plan Your Own ActiveFitness Wear Business Part 2

In November we spoke about starting your own active wear business. We continue that topic with a look at the all-important administrative side. Form A Legal Entity It’s important that you start on the right foot legally. In South Africa, you would choose between a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a private company. Each type […]

10 Sewing Tips To Help You Learn To Sew

10 Sewing Tips To Help You Learn To Sew

There are a heartening number of sewing schools advertising on social media. Start by familiarising yourself with these sewing tips before signing up for lessons. 1. A Beginners Sewing Tool Kit Other than a sewing machine, your initial sewing toolkit should include thread, regular needles and machine needles, high-quality pins, dedicated fabric scissors, and a […]

Empisal Sewing Machine: Beginners’ Guide To Setting Up

Empisal Sewing Machine Beginners' Guide To Setting Up

Setting up your Empisal sewing machine correctly is quite important for a beginner as it helps you adjust the basic settings in order to perform well. Overview Of The Machine There are many useful tutorials available online and the best retailers of sewing machines will be able to guide you through and acquaint you with […]

What Is The Best Sewing Machine For Beginners?

Empisal Sewing Machines Recommended for Beginners

Empisal sewing machines are highly recommended for beginners: the simplicity of design allows you to focus on learning how to sew. 10 Reasons To Buy An Empisal Sewing Machine Here are ten simple reasons why to choose Empisal: 1. Simple Design Each sewing machine has its differences, but most contain the same basic components. Understanding […]