Baby Gifts: How to Sew a Receiving Blanket

Attending a friend or family member’s baby shower? Or celebrating the birth of a new little bundle of joy? There is no greater gift than something home-made from the heart! Here is how to sew a beautiful receiving blanket:


What You Will Need: 

In order to start this sewing project, aside from your sewing machine and sewing equipment, you will need only two things:

  1. 2 x 1 metres of appropriately patterned/coloured fabric, and
  2. Matching thread.


You can choose the same fabric for both pieces. Or, you can mix-and-match for a bit of creative flair. Either way, the best type of material for making receiving blankets is flannel.


How it Is Done: 

  • Begin by making sure that both pieces of fabric are the same size, and by cutting away any stray ends.
  • Place the fabric together, and use your sewing machine to sew around all of the edges.
  • Leave a small opening so that you are able to pull the blanket the right way around once you are done sewing.
  • Pull the blanket through so that it is the right way around, and use an iron to ensure that all edges are even and flat.
  • Once you are satisfied, the final step is to whip stitch the opening shut and VOILA.
  • Experienced sewers may also choose to complete the sewing project with a decorative stitch if they wish. All in all, it should not take you more than 10 minutes to complete.


For more information on how to sew beautiful items for a new baby, or for details on our range of affordable sewing machines, sewing equipment and overlockers, be sure to contact Empisal today!