When it comes to sewing, aside from skill, the final product is often a reflection of the quality of the equipment that you have used to produce it! With this in mind, it becomes obvious just how important regular sewing machine maintenance is. Even an affordable sewing machine can work wonders if it is treated with the right level of care, consistently. Here are our top sewing machine maintenance tips to remember when it comes to looking after and preserving your precious sewing equipment.

Invest in Good Quality Thread and Needles 

Did you know that low-quality thread, especially thread that has been glazed or waxed, can take a toll on affordable sewing machines? The brand of needles and thread that you choose to use can also make all of the difference. Mettler and Gutermann, for example, are both great options.

Clean the Machine Regularly 

Over time, dust bunnies, lint and thread bits can accumulate within the machine, causing it to stop functioning optimally. The good news is that a decent clean, with the help of a nylon brush, can get things back to normal working order in a flash. Just remember to avoid cleaning the machine with canned air as this can clog it up as a result of increased moisture.

Keep Things Oiled 

A generous helping of oil will assist in maintaining your sewing machine’s moving parts, allowing them to run more smoothly and for longer periods. The best time to apply a few drops of oil is after a really good clean. Don’t forget to buy the quality clear oil in order to ensure the desired results.

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