A Beginner’s Guide To Sewing Patterns

Sewing patterns

Entering the sewing world is exciting. You may have just bought a brand-new Empisal Creations sewing machine and are ready to get started on some sewing projects. Looking at patterns for the first time can be daunting, as there is jargon you’re unfamiliar with and you have no idea whether it is going to be an easy sewing project or not. Fret not, for we at Empisal have created this guide to selecting and working with beginner sewing patterns:

  • Choosing the Pattern

    When choosing a pattern, there are a couple things you should look out for:

  • Look for the sewing level on the pattern, and choose an easy one.
  • Stay away from lined patterns. Adding a lining to a garment is an advanced sewing technique.
  • Watch out for multi-sized patterns. Be aware of them and choose a size to sew.
  • Ensure you have all the sewing equipment you need to complete the project.
  • Reading the Pattern

    Once you’ve selected your sewing project, you need to know what you’re looking at. Here are some things you should be aware of:

  • Read the directions that come with the pattern. They will give invaluable advice.
  • Check your seam allowances. If the pattern does not include them be sure to do so yourself.
  • Make note of the features like grain lines, notches, dots, and button markings.
  • Follow the cutting lines, sewing lines and fold lines exactly for the best-shaped garment.
  • Using the Pattern

    Once you’ve selected and made sense of your pattern, it’s time to cut it out and use it.

  • Cut out the pattern with paper cutting scissors and lay it out on the fabric according to the guide.
  • Use pins to secure the cut-outs and trace the pattern onto the fabric.
  • Cut out the parts of the fabric, follow the instructions and assemble your piece.
  • A professional seam goes a long way in adding a good finish to your item. The Empisal Overlocker 760D is the best item for the job.


For over 3 decades, Empisal has been the top supplier of sewing equipment. Whether you need a sewing machine, overlocker or steam press, Empisal can cater for your sewing project’s needs. From bridal dresses to easy sewing projects, Empisal products can do it all. Contact us today for more information.