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6 must-have tools for your sewing room

No sewing room is complete without these essentials, say Empisal sewing machine specialists: Measuring tape: You need one or two good quality measuring tapes. They come in a variety of lengths and sizes (with 150cm being the most popular choice) as well as combinations (cm and inches, just cm or just inches). Be sure to […]

How to sew a summer dress

Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a dress, and the best thing about them is that there is a design to fit any style, body shape or age! Here is how to make your own summer dress from scratch on your sewing machine. Find your pattern: First, take a good look at your body and think […]

Maintenance tips for your sewing machine

Your sewing machine is an integral part of your crafting hobby or profession, so it makes sense to keep these hardworking machines operating at their very best! With some basic, quick maintenance, your machine will keep purring along, project after project. Before we begin, you should first check your manual. It will have plenty of […]

Commercial sewing patterns or tailor-made – What’s best?

When you’re making clothing on your sewing machine, you’d usually work off of a commercially available pattern that you’ve bought online or through a sewing shop. However, these patterns only follow a certain range of body shapes and measurements that often don’t provide the best fit. A tailored pattern is one that’s been developed to […]

5 great beginner sewing machine projects

Knowing how to use a sewing machine is a wonderful skill to have, it lets you get creative and save money through a wide range of projects. It allows you to put your own unique stamp to your very own creation. Here are some great first projects for beginners. Pillowcases: Nothing updates your living room […]

4 pieces of essential sewing equipment

Whether you’re learning to sew, designing your home sewing room or setting up a professional sewing studio, there are certain sewing products and equipment that you can’t afford to be without. Your sewing machine: Choosing a new sewing machine can be a daunting process, especially if you are new to the craft or are replacing […]