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What is Appliqué?

So, you are keen to take on the challenge of new and exciting sewing projects. Want to try something different? If so, you have probably been investigating appliqué and how it works. We have the information you have been looking for below, along with some helpful tips for mastering the technique. So, What Is It?  […]


How to Hem Knit Garments

A professional finish to any sewing machine project requires a good hem. It stops the knit fabric from rolling up, can add a pop of colour if a contrasting thread is used and gives the garment a defined outline. A useful sewing machine that can be utilised for a variety of functions (such as hemming […]


Learn To Sew A Tutu For Your Little One!

If you are just starting out as an amateur seamstress, a great garment that will not only be loved but will help you learn to sew as you put it together is none other than a fluffy tutu. Your little one will be overjoyed at the prospect of becoming a ballerina. And best of all, […]