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Wrap Your Christmas Gifts in this DIY Drawstring Bag

Wrapping Christmas Gifts

Wrapping paper is expensive. Unless you are one of those people who carefully peel the tape from your gifts, chances are you will not be able to use that wrapping again. It can take weeks to get all your Christmas gifts wrapped and having all that beautiful paper strewn across your floor on Xmas morning […]

How to Sew A Quilt – A Quick Guide

How to sew a quilt

In the cooler winter months, everyone loves to get cosy under the blankets, drink steaming cocoa and watch their favourite movie. What better way to get comfy than under a quilt you made? Or you could spread the cosy joy and sew a quilt for your friends and loved ones! All you need is a […]

How to sew with knitted material

sew with knitted material

Knits are lovely, versatile fabrics but they do present a challenge for anyone who has only ever used their sewing machine on standard fabric types because the knit weave behaves differently to cloth weaves. But this shouldn’t put you off! With a few tips from Empisal, the sewing machine specialists, you can start creating beautiful […]

A beginners guide to quilting

Quilting is an ancient craft that reaches back through many different periods in history and civilisations, from China to Egypt and the Americas. No one knows quite where it originated, but this diverse, functional and beautiful art form is here to stay. What are the different types of quilts? Hand quilting: This technique uses a […]

A guide to pattern grading

Pattern grading is essentially all about how to take a single size pattern and make it bigger or smaller in order to fit a different sized figure. This is especially important in vintage clothing patterns where the pattern was made in very limited sizes and your own size may not be available at all. While […]

How to sew a summer dress

Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a dress, and the best thing about them is that there is a design to fit any style, body shape or age! Here is how to make your own summer dress from scratch on your sewing machine. Find your pattern: First, take a good look at your body and think […]

Commercial sewing patterns or tailor-made – What’s best?

When you’re making clothing on your sewing machine, you’d usually work off of a commercially available pattern that you’ve bought online or through a sewing shop. However, these patterns only follow a certain range of body shapes and measurements that often don’t provide the best fit. A tailored pattern is one that’s been developed to […]