Picking a sewing machine can be confusing! And, no doubt, you will need to do research before investing in sewing equipment. If you are just starting out, borrowing a sewing machine may be a great option. But, if that is not possible, your best bet may be to buy an affordable machine to start with.

  • Cheap Isn’t Best

You may be wondering how cheap is too cheap? If the sewing machine doesn’t at least offer a few basic features (such as a drop in bobbin and automatic needle threader), every sewing project may turn into hours of frustration and leave you overwhelmed, discouraged, and…well, ready to quit. Meaning the money you invested is wasted.

What to consider when Looking for an Affordable Sewing Machine

Here is what we recommend:

  • Buy The Best You Can For Your Budget

Remember, this an investment, so choose a machine made with quality parts – one that if it breaks, might not be worth repairing.

  • Buy From A Dealership

A dealership might not have the lowest prices; however, you will be gaining a resource – getting assistance, experience, advice and instructional classes.

  • Ask About the Warranty

What does it cover? What does it exclude?

  • Check Repair Policies

Ask about turnaround time, which can vary from days to weeks.

Ask who does the repairs. Remember, repairs made by unauthorized technicians can void the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Room to Improve

Ask if they offer trade-ins and trade-ups. This may take the pressure off the initial purchase if you know you can get started on one and move up the line if you want.

  • Look For Sales

Sometimes, sewing machines are offered on promotions around Easter, Mother’s Day and Christmas.

Buying sewing equipment is an investment. So, don’t feel rushed or pressured. Gather as much information as you can to help you to choose an affordable sewing machine suitable for you. For more information, the best range and expert advice, contact us today.