Sewing machines, like any equipment, can run into problems on occasion. Here are some of the most common sewing machine issues and how to solve them, from Empisal – the makers of the EMPISAL EES 50 SEWING MACHINE

  • Thread bunching: Also known as ‘bird nesting’ because of its resemblance to a messy bird nest, this can result from a number of issues. Luckily, regardless of the cause, it is simple to sort out. Just re-thread your machine using the manual as reference and ensuring that the take up lever is in the HIGHEST  position. Then check the position of your bobbin case and reset if necessary.
  • Thread breakage: Threads can snap if the machine is incorrectly threaded, or if your thread is not suitable to the project or being used in a sewing machine (for example, hand sewing thread). It’s always best to use high-quality threads and, if it is breaking, to re-thread your machine using the manual for reference.
  • Skipping stitches: This usually results from problems with your sewing machine needle. Check it to see if it is bent or blunt, and replace if needed. When sewing, always make sure you are allowing the feed dog to feed the fabric into the machine, as forcing it can easily bend the needle. Also, always use a high-quality needle to ensure the best results – we recommend Schmetz, who have a wide range of needles suited to different fabrics and techniques.
  • Still having problems? If you have tried these solutions and are still having problems with your sewing machine, you may need to have it professionally cleaned and serviced. Sewing machines require annual services in order to keep producing high-quality results, and wear-and-tear, debris build-up and other issues can compromise your project and damage your machine.

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