If you love decorating your home for Christmas celebrations, then these easy festive sewing projects from Empisal, manufacturers of the EMPISAL EES50 are just for you!

  • Christmas bunting: Easy to make, hang up and re-use every year, bunting adds warmth and colour to any area of your home. Hang it above an entrance, over your fireplace or above your windows for an instant splash of Christmas spirit. This is also a great way to use up scrap material in Christmas colours.
  • Quilted ornaments: If you’d like to try your hand at quilting but don’t want to commit to a huge project, these easy tree ornaments are the perfect way to practise your skills – and get a bright, pretty result! Ideal for trees, these can also be hung on bunting, off wreaths and scattered across a table top.
  • Christmas stocking: These make a quick and easy sewing project that your kids can then customise with felt, glitter, sequins and other accessories. They also make a great gift for the grandkids! After the kids have gone to bed, fill them with little treasures and treats, and hang them up to be discovered in the morning.
  • Christmas placemats: Make your table truly unique with your own Christmas placemats. Start trawling the fabric shops now for colours and patterns that fit with your theme – you can even choose two colours for a reversible option or make every placemat unique.
  • Advent calendar: This is a great idea for families where kids just can’t wait for Christmas! You can count down the last 24 days before Christmas together, with an individual treat to open each new day. Some ideas for filling your advent calendar include sweets, hair accessories, novelty stationery, key rings, stickers, stamps and bouncy balls. Other fun ideas include holiday treats like a visit to Father Christmas, a late bedtime pass or going into the city to see the Christmas lights.

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