Easy sewing projects for using up scrap material and thread


For every sewing enthusiast, there comes a time when we look around and wonder what we can do out of all our leftover fabrics, threads and ribbons – because throwing them out just isn’t an option! Luckily, there are great projects out there that just need scraps to bring them to life. Here are a few from Empisal, makers of the EMPISAL EES 50.

  • Cellphone cases: This is a great project where you can craft a protective cellphone cover, as a gift, for family members or even for charity. Choose a fun colour fabric to make it really stand out.
  • Patchwork pillow: This pattern is for a large rectangular patchwork pillow that uses scraps to add a lively touch of colour to your bedroom or guestroom.
  • Napkin rings: Ideal for entertainers, these napkin rings are quick and easy to sew either for yourself or as a gift. You can make multiple ones in specific shades, a matching set or even themed ones to go with a specific look, holiday or occasion.
  • Pencil cases: The ideal project for anyone with kids or grandkids, pencil bags are a useful and fun project that gives your child’s school bag a personal touch. You can also use them as makeup and storage bags.
  • Fabric roses: This is a great project for those small scraps of material. These roses are around the same size as a real rose, and look beautiful in all kinds of fabric and patterns, from velvet to cotton. You can use them on headbands and hair clips, to decorate pillows, finish off tab top curtains, and even as wedding or party decorations.
  • Sewing kits: A useful kit for any home or child going off to university, a sewing kit is an easy and practical way of sharing your skills with those around you. You can even keep one in your own bag for those sewing emergences!
  • Tissue pouch: Tissue boxes are often drab or look out of place, but this easy-to-craft tissue pouch is the perfect solution. Place one next to your bed, in your guest room, or hand out as a gift or Christmas stocking stuffer.

Affordable sewing equipment for every skill level

At Empisal, we’ve been providing high quality, affordable sewing machines, sewing kits, overlockers, steam presses and ironing equipment to South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa for over 35 years.

Whether you’re learning to sew or a professional, Empisal has the right sewing machine for you. With the EMPISAL EES 50, you’ll be able to take on new projects with ease and get the most out of your sewing skills.

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