Encouraging the Youth to Start Sewing

The younger the better when it comes to sewing beginners. South Africans pay tribute to the youth who lost their lives during the 1976 Soweto Uprising on 16 June. This year, Youth Day is a perfect opportunity to encourage your kids to start sewing.

Why Learning to Sew is Awesome for Children

Although it is a skill that has been neglected in recent years, there are many benefits to children taking up sewing as a hobby:

  • Sewing helps to boost their focus and concentration.
  • Because sewing needs precise hand movements, it helps to develop fine motor skills.
  • In a subtle, but persuasive way, sewing teaches children the importance of self-control, patience, and endurance in reaching palpable goals.
  • Your child’s confidence and self-esteem is improved as they discover their personal boundaries while working outside of their comfort zones to gradually master sewing techniques.
  • Sewing requires right-brain imagination and creativity combined with left-brain mathematical skills.

Six Tips for Teaching Your Children to Sew

The best sewing projects for novices should be easy enough to maintain their motivation, but difficult enough to highlight the sense of accomplishment when finished. Here are some tips for teaching your children how to sew:

  • Choose a project that sparks their excitement.
  • Adapt the lesson to your child’s attention span.
  • Use mistakes as teaching moments and part of the learning process.
  • Slow down the speed of your Empisal sewing machine until they get the hang of it.
  • Give them (monitored) space to use the sharp scissors, hot iron, and so on.
  • Most importantly, allow your children to have fun and learn to love the lost art of sewing.

Sewing machines are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Each model is tailored to the specific requirements of different sewists. As an affordable sewing machine will be a constant on your child’s sewing journey, you must determine which one is most suitable for sewing beginners. For more information on the best sewing machine, or overlockers and other sewing equipment, contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at Empisal without delay.