Whether you’re using your grandmother’s vintage sewing machine or a brand new sewing machine like the  EES 50 SEWING MACHINE, the most important thing you need to know is where to get the best quality needles and how to keep them in great shape. Here’s some info from Empisal, the leaders in affordable, high quality sewing equipment.

What are the best needles for my sewing machine? 

While there are a lot of different needles on the market, specialists always recommend Schmetz. They’ve been in the business since 1851 and have built a reputation in the sewing and textiles industry for guaranteeing the best results.

They offer a wide range of needles to take on any project, from jeans needles for denim, embroidery needles, quilting needles and needles for sewing leather to quick threading and double-eye needles.

How to choose the right needle for your project 

With such a wide range of needles, you might not know where to start when looking for new sewing equipment. The easiest rule to follow is to choose a needle size according to the thickness of the thread you want to use, and match it with a needle type according to the type of material you’re working with (knits, linen, denim, leather, etc.) and what you want to do with it (stitch a pattern together, embroider, etc.).

Why needles should be replaced regularly 

Sewing machine needles work hard to produce precise, neat results, and will become worn or damaged over time. This can result in broken or shredded stitches, puckering of the fabric, damage to the fabric, skipped or uneven stitches, and even popping sounds from your sewing machine. If you’re noticing these issues, replacing your needle is the quickest and easiest way of getting the quality of your stitching back.

Find the best sewing machines and sewing equipment in South Africa! 

At Empisal, we’ve been providing high quality, affordable sewing machines, steam presses,  overlockers and ironing equipment to South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa for over 35 years.

Whether you’re learning to sew or a professional, Empisal has the right sewing machine for you. With the EES 50 SEWING MACHINE, you’ll be able to take on new projects with ease and get the most out of your sewing skills.

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