Whatever your age, Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year for anyone who loves to dress up! Finding the right costume or accessories can be difficult – and expensive – but fortunately your sewing skills are the answer. Here are some spooky Halloween sewing projects to enjoy from Empisal, makers of the Empisal 120A Dressmaker.

  • Trick or treat bags: Halloween wouldn’t be the same without candy, and a personalised trick or treat bag is the perfect addition to any outfit. You can design it to go with an outfit, or just let your creativity run wild!
  • Easy fleece hats: From monster and kitten themed hats to pumpkin and teddy bear hats, these are an easy way to add real character to a costume. There’s even an option for more skilled sewing crafters where you can design your own monster.
  • Wine holders: Halloween isn’t just for kids! If you’re heading to a spooky-themed party and want to create an extra special touch for your night out, then wine bottle holders are the way to go. These make a great gift for your host and will make use of your machine  appliqué skills!
  • Bat decorations: These are perfect for adding a spooky touch to your home, whether you’re staying in to greet trick or treaters or hosting a party. Hang them in a doorway or in an open window so that they flutter in the air.
  • Fabric pumpkins: Mix it up by adding colourful fabric pumpkins in with the real deal. These are great for using up fabric scraps, add a vibrant touch to your décor and look great next to carved pumpkins lit by candlelight. They also look great outside!

Get creative with your Empisal sewing machine! 

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Whether you’re learning to sew or a professional, Empisal has the right sewing machine for you. With the Empisal 12-A Dressmaker, you’ll be able to take on new projects with ease and get the most out of your sewing skills.

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