This year, Mother’s Day falls on 9 May. Why not use your overlocker and/or sewing machine to sew a meaningful gift for your mom at a fraction of the cost of store bought – and way more fun too!

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Sew Neat and Tidy Organisation Gifts 

After a year of lockdown, even the most slovenly amongst us has come to appreciate a well-organised environment.

Jewellery Organiser Pouch

Beginner is beginner-friendly and ideal for travelling.

jewelry pouch

Storage Baskets

Reversible, to double Mom’s pleasure, with a fold up design for easy storage when they’re not in use.

storage baskets

Bedside Pocket Organiser

Especially as the temperatures drop, getting out of a warm bed seems like a terrible idea! Keep everything close by with this straight-line-and-right-angles craft.

bedside pocket organiser

Sew Gifts for Mom’s Home

A mother’s love is central to the home.

Gardening Tool Belt

Keep the trowel/secateurs/string at hand when busy in the garden. It’s attached to an existing belt to keep it secure while giving Mom the freedom to position the pockets where they hang comfortably.

gardening tool belt

Fabric Napkins

So much more elegant than paper serviettes, these will be a welcome addition to Mom’s dining table. The key to precise corners is frequent use of your iron or steam press.


Sew Self Care Gifts 

Mothers tend to put everyone else’s needs ahead of their own. Show Mom how much you love her by turning the table with these ideas.

Hand Sanitiser Holder

No more fumbling around in the bottom of Mom’s bag with this holder that clips to her bag or belt hoop.

hand sanitiser holder

Sleep Mask

The ultimate way to help Mom get some restful sleep is by blocking out unwanted light.

sleep mask

Heating Pad

Soothe away aches and pains with a microwavable heating pad.

heating pad

Wine Bottle Tote

This slightly more advanced project fits two regular 750ml bottles and has a pocket for a corkscrew.

wine bottle tote

To get the most out of your mother’s day gift sewing experience, trust Empisal for top sewing machines, overlockers, and other sewing equipment. Contact us today.