Are you keen to scope out some new, easy sewing projects? How about sewing your own reusable grocery bags? These grocery bags, perfect for fresh produce, are gorgeous and functional, all the while helping you to reduce waste and save the environment, too. Follow our simple step-by-step guide here. 

What you will need

The sewing equipment required includes:

  • Your affordable sewing machine
  • Your overlocker 
  • A pretty fabric of your choice (78cm x 35cm, seams included)
  • 2 colourful cords (80cm long)
  • Iron
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Fabric marker
  • Safety pins

Step one

Start by folding your chosen fabric in half, with the right-hand side in the fold. Pin the side seams by placing your pins crosswise, and sew. Remember to secure the stitches on both sides of the seam. 

Step two 

Next, overlock the cut edges of the seams using your overlocker to reduce the risk of fraying. Turn the fabric inside-out. 

Step three 

Fold over the open side by 1,25cm, and again with the same size fold. Pin in place and press the folded upper side with an iron. Sew to create a tunnel for your cord. Place the safety pin through the cord and slide it along the tunnel. 

Step four

Iron and enjoy! Feel free to get creative by including a buttonhole to make your grocery bag even sturdier. You can also choose to embroider the front portion of the bag if you wish. 

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