Let’s face it – no matter who you are, you probably have at least one pair of jeans in your cupboard! This versatile, hard-wearing and stylish fabric has been around since the 1800s and it’s no surprise that denim is such a popular choice. Sewing denim and hemming your jeans may seem difficult, even if you have a quality sewing machine, but it’s easy when you know these inside tips and tricks:

  1. If your jeans are new, wash them – and don’t forget the fabric softener: Not only will this take out excess dye and make the material easier to work with, it will also ensure that any shrinkage will happen well before you’ve hemmed your pants, so you don’t have to worry about them ending up too short.
  2. Use a template: Unless you have someone who can measure your jeans while you’re wearing them, then your next best option is to use a pair of your own jeans that are already the right length. Measure the inseam of both legs and mark out that measurement with fabric chalk or a fabric pen on your new jeans. Now turn up the hem on each pair to that mark and pin them in place.
  3. Try them on: Being mindful of the pins, try on your jeans with the new hem length to make sure that they are where you want them. At the same time, check that the hems are even and sitting parallel to the ground. Use a full length mirror if possible, so you can get an accurate look without bending. If you’re unsure, repeat the previous steps until you’re happy with them. Once you are, iron the new hem in place for a sharp, clean line.
  4. Cut away the excess hem: Using a fabric pen or chalk, mark a cutting line about 3cm outside the new hemline, using the ironed line as a reference. Cut away the excess hem material.
  5. Fold in the new hem: With the jeans inside out, fold the raw edge of the material up and in half again to the ironed line. Once this is even, pin in place.
  6. Sew: Stitch them hem close to the upper folded edge, using a clearance plate to level the sewing machine foot and help counter the thickness of the folded material. And you’re done!

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