Soft fabric pots or containers are a trendy storage solution. Use them to hold your sewing equipment, your stationery – anything really. Along with looking beautiful, creating a decorative soft fabric pot is one of the most enjoyable sewing machine projects perfect for beginners and advanced sewers alike. Here is how it is done. 

What you will need 

  • Your trusty sewing machine
  • Sewing thread that complements your choice of fabric
  • A tool for measuring
  • A hand sewing needle 

You will then need two different fabrics – one for the inside of the fabric pot and one for the outside. You will need two rectangular-shaped pieces measuring 30cm x 36cm for the inner fabric and two rectangular-shaped pieces of stylish print fabric of the same measurements for the outside. Finally, you will need two rectangular-shaped pieces of 30cm x 36cm of thin fusible craft fleece. 

How it is done 

Step one 

Start by fusing the craft fleece to the non-printed side of both pieces of your printed fabric that you will be using for the exterior portion of the fabric pot. You will then layer your pieces – the external pieces with the right sides together and the inner pieces with the right sides together. Sew the side seams on each set. 

Step two

Sew across the bottom seam on the outer piece and then the bottom seam of the inner piece, being careful to leave a 7cm opening in the bottom seam. Use an iron to press all seams open. 

Step three

You will then need to box the bottom corners of the exterior piece. Sew with a 1cm seam allowance and do the same for the inner piece. 

Step four 

Next, you will slip the inner piece into the exterior piece with the right sides together, the raw edges even at the top, and the side seams matching. 

Step five 

Prep your sewing machine for free-arm sewing and sew around the edge at the top with a 1cm seam allowance. 

Step six 

Pull the inner and outer pieces out before carefully pulling the exterior bag through the lining’s opening. 

Step seven 

Use small hand stitches to sew the bottom opening of the lining closed. Finally, tuck the inner piece into the outer piece and carefully mould the fabric pot by pushing the lining down and then pressing with an iron. Perfection!

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