Do you have a great pair of jeans or pants that are a perfect fit but with broken zipper? We feel your pain! Don’t worry – you don’t have to abandon your favorite pants! We have a good sewing machine project to revive your pants by replacing the zipper. Grab your sewing machine and take a look at these tips.

Steps to replace a broken zipper with your sewing kit

  • Remove the old zipper: Remove the zipper without undoing the pants’ topstitchings, and slide a new zipper into place. You will need to stitch one side to attach it invisibly.
  • Remove the stitches holding the original zipper in place by using a seam ripping. On the fly underlap, create a slot between the jeans front and the fly shield. On the overlap, pick out the stitches. At the waistband and bottom of the fly, cut the zipper tape to release the zipper.
  • Make sure to not unstitch the waistband.
  • Grab your sewing equipment! With the zipper right-side up, slide one side of the tape into the opening you created between the fly shield and the pants front. Fold the top of the tape under. Pin your tape in position and stitch the zipper close to the edge of the pants front.
  • Sew from the top of the zipper as far down the tape as you can.
  • Close the zipper by working from the inside of the jeans. Pin the free tape in place on the wrong side of the fly overlap. Align the tape along the original stitching line, and make sure to fold the top of the tape under.
  • Open the zipper. Using a good needle and a double strand of thread, backstitch the tape to the jeans and ensure it is firm. Stitch through only the inner layer of fabric so that no stitches show on the outside of the jeans.
  • Use ironing equipment or a steam press to straighten your pants or jeans into place.
  • Put on your jeans or pants and show off in style!

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