Nothing says ‘summer’ quite like a dress, and the best thing about them is that there is a design to fit any style, body shape or age! Here is how to make your own summer dress from scratch on your sewing machine.

  1. Find your pattern: First, take a good look at your body and think about what you’d like to emphasise and where you’d like to cover. This way, you can create a tailored look that is perfect for you, which is what sewing is all about! Once you’ve decided on the look you are going for, measure your bust, waist and hip. This will give you a guideline when you are choosing your pattern. Keep in mind that there is everything from vintage patterns to boho dresses, so you have a lot to choose from.
  2. Choose a fabric: This might be the most difficult part of your whole project! There are so many beautiful fabrics out there but it’s vital that you find on that is right for your pattern. A pattern for a highly structured dress wont work with a light and insubstantial fabric. Likewise, a heavier fabric won’t compliment a beach wrap. If you’re not sure what type of fabric to choose, speak to a salesperson. They can help you narrow down your choices between crease-free fabrics, natural fabrics, synthetics and stretchy fabrics.
  3. Cut your fabric: Pin or weight your pattern down onto your fabric, being sure to pin inside the seam allowances to avoid making unsightly holes. Use a special fabric marker like a water-soluble pencil to mark out your pattern, as this will wash out easily. Once all your pieces are clearly marked out, you can start cutting.
  4. Darting: There are very few patterns that don’t require you to add some darts. These are folds in the material that will allow you to move and bend easily within the dress. They are often found in the bust and waistline as well as the sleeve.
  5. Add your finishing touch: Your pattern will walk you through the basics of assembling your dress, but remember that it’s actually all about you. Using a different hem or seaming method, buttons, embroidery and other small extras will take your dress from simple to stylish.

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