The Empisal Embroidery Machine 350 is the perfect choice for individual use or if you want to start a small embroidery business. Let your creativity flow by customising articles of clothing with embroidered designs. So much classier than printed personalisation, embroidery does not wash off or peel at the edges.

Main Features of the Empisal Embroidery Machine 350 

100 built-in designs:

While this wide variety comes standard with the machine, you can transfer an infinite number of additional designs from the internet using the USB or ATA PC card. Pretty much no chance of bumping into someone wearing the same embroidered image as you!

3 built-in fonts:

Easy-to-read, yet decorative, the built-in fonts are typically chosen for starter projects. If you find you need even more fonts, appropriate software can be bought from Empisal.

2 and 3 letters monogramming:

 For the height of sophistication, an embroidered monogram is the ultimate flourish.

On-screen editing functions:

  Use the on-screen editing functions such as enlarge and reduce, rotate, turnover, drag and drop, and zoom to tweak your creations until they are just right.

Backlit LCD touchscreen:

 Adding a high-tech edge to your craft, this display is clear, cool to the touch, and energy-efficient.

Top loading full rotary hook bobbin:

  A horizontal, drop-in type bobbin is super easy to insert. Compared to an oscillating hook machine, rotary hook machines vibrate less and are slightly quieter which is why they are ideal for high-speed machines.

Embroidery sewing speed up to 650spm:

 Because so many sewists work on tight deadlines, you want a machine with impressive speed.

Built-in needle threader:

 No more licking or cutting the end of your thread. Not to mention the blessing it is for tired or mature eyes.

Automatic thread cutter:

 Let the machine do all the cutting for you at the touch of a button.

Maximum embroidery size:

 Large hoop: 14cm x 20cm. Standard hoop: 12cm x 11cm.

Empisal has been supplying a top-quality range of sewing equipment, affordable sewing machines, and overlockers to the market for 35 years.

For more information, contact the team at Empisal, manufacturers of the Empisal Embroidery Machine 350, today.