Learn to sew: The invisible zipper

Invisible Zip

An invisible zipper is one of the most useful tricks in the sewing trade, where you sew a zipper in such a way that no machine stitching is visible from the right side of the material – instead, all the stitching is behind the scenes in the seam allowances. This makes it ideal for sewing garments as well as cushions, bags and other projects. While this sounds like an advanced sewing method, it’s quite simple – especially when you’re using a EMPISAL EES 50! Here’s how.

How to sew an invisible zipper

Your machine foot: You can sew an invisible zipper either with a regular machine foot or a presser foot that is designed specifically for this job.

  1. Start with your material right side up while joining pieces are in a flat state, before they are assembled.
  2. Prepare your seam edges, finishing them and placing them side by side, right side up. Then mark 2cm from the top edges of each piece of material using a pin or fabric marking pen. This is for the placement of your zipper.
  3. Mark a second seam 1.5cm in along the seam edges.
  4. Open your zipper and press gently so that they lie flat along the seam, right side down, along the 1.5cm line, and pin in place.
  5. Stitch the zipper in place by positioning the zipper teeth under the proper groove in the foot and stitching along that line. Backstitch at the end to secure.
  6. With the joining pieces next to each other, flip the piece with the stitched zipper and position the corresponding side of the zipper, repeating the above step.
  7. Lastly, sew the seam below the zipper, placing stitching as close to the zipper as possible and making sure the zipper tail is out of the way.

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