Are you trying to learn to sew a buttonhole? Whether it’s for the perfect pair of jeans or for your sewing company, we have a useful, quick and easy guide for you.

Tools Needed to Reinforce Your Buttonhole:

    • Sewing equipment,
    • An affordable sewing machine,
    • A good pair of scissors, and last but not least (!)
    • Your creativity.

How to Sew a Buttonhole:

  1. Calculate the length: 

Working out the correct length for a buttonhole is crucial, as it must be large enough to allow the button to pass through easily, but not so large that it won’t hold the item securely fastened. Sew a buttonhole with a very narrow zigzag stitch. Place your button at the top of the T and redraw the top line if necessary.

  1.  Now draw a line at the bottom of the button.
  2. Use a ruler to join these lines together, forming a narrow, skinny box, about 2 mm in width and long enough for your button to pass through, and sew a box around this line. 
  3. Sew a zigzag line down the left side of the box and repeat on the right side, using a very short stitch.
  4. Use a wider stitch length and the shortest setting your machine will allow, sew a few zigzag stitches across the top and the bottom of the zigzag lines.
  5. Insert your button into the buttonhole foot and use the markings down the side to help you sew a buttonhole that is the correct length.
  6. Put a button in the end of the foot and it automatically adjusts itself to sew the correct length. 
  7. Sew the button in place, either by hand or using your button foot
  8. Viola – you’re done!

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