Whether you are making a trendy summer dress or a snug pair of winter trousers, the design simply will not be complete without a pocket or two! The good news is that you do not have to be a sewing machine pro to learn to sew the perfect hidden inseam pocket into your creation. Here is how it is done. 

What you will need

In order to complete this sewing project, you will need:

  • An affordable sewing machine
  • An overlocker
  • Three – four matching threads
  • Your iron 
  • The inseam pocket pattern of your choice
  • A piece of 30cm x 80cm lining fabric
  • Two fabric cut-offs of 20cm x 6cm from your sewing project
  • The item of clothing that you want to sport inseam pockets

Step one 

Cut the facings out of the same fabric as the fabric used to create the item of clothing. Overlock the one side of the facing piece using the three or four thread overlock stitch.

Step two

Use a zig zag stitch to secure the facing on a pocket bag piece. 

Step three 

Place the pocket bag piece with the facing attached onto the side seam of the rear piece of your item of clothing (facing should be face down and on the garment’s right side). You will need to decide how far down you want the pocket on the side seam. Approximately 2cm is recommended from the waistband if the waistband rests on the hips. 

Step four 

Ensure a 1.5cm seam allowance as you secure the pocket to the item of clothing.  

Step five 

You will then need to overlock along the opening of the pocket. 

Step six 

Move the iron along the pocket bag keeping the side seam as flat as possible. 

Step seven 

Top-stitch along the opening of the pocket, being careful to place the edge of the foot flush with the seam. 

Step eight 

Repeat all steps for the remaining half of the pocket bag. Secure it to the side seam of the corresponding front piece of the item of clothing. 

Step nine 

The next step is to join the front and back of your item of clothing along the side seam. You will also need to overlock the side seam and pocket bag. 

Step ten 

Finally, iron the side seam and pocket bag towards the front. 

It is easy to learn to sew when you have the right sewing equipment on hand. For sewing machines, overlockers, and more, get in touch with Empisal today.