Sewing machines work hard when you’re busy creating beautiful items for your store, home or yourself and loved ones, so it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your machine to ensure that it stays running smoothly. Here are some tips from Empisal, the makers of the affordable, hardworking EMPISAL EES50.

  • Check your manual before you oil: Every sewing machine is different, and your manual will have all the information you need on how often to oil your sewing machine and how to do it. If you no longer have the manual, be sure to contact the manufacturer and see if they can send you the correct information for your model. Oiling your machine keeps t running smoother and longer. Apply a single drop of sewing machine oil to each moving part and run your machine to work the oil in well.
  • Clean the needle plate and hook race: Turn off your machine, remove the extension cable if needed and take out your bobbin. Remove the needle plate and dust carefully with a soft makeup brush. Do the same with the needle race. If you sew fairly regularly, this should be done monthly. A build-up of lint and debris can affect the quality of your sewing and can even break needles.
  • Use good needles and thread: The best needles for sewing machines are Schmets needles, or Organ needles if you cannot find Schmets. Change needles every time you start a new project to ensure that you are always working with a sharp needle that will deliver high quality stitching.
  • If you need to oil: Always use high quality sewing machine oil and not 3-in1 oil. If you are unsure what oil to use, speak to your local sewing machine manufacturers. Apply the oil carefully to the moving parts and keep a scrap piece of cloth handy for any excess mess. You should only need a drop or two of the oil, so be very sparing.
  • Test run: After cleaning and oiling your machine, do a test sewing run on some scrap fabric. This will ensure that the machine is running as it should and that there is no mess from the oil. Now you’re ready for your next project!
  • Use the professionals: If your machine isn’t running properly or needs a service, be sure to use professionals who are trained and experienced in dealing with sewing machines. These are very delicate machines and, in the wrong hands, they can be easily and irreparably damaged.

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