Your sewing machine is an integral part of your crafting hobby or profession, so it makes sense to keep these hardworking machines operating at their very best! With some basic, quick maintenance, your machine will keep purring along, project after project.

Before we begin, you should first check your manual. It will have plenty of information on whether your machine needs oiling or not, tricks for getting the needle plate off correctly and other tips that are specific to your particular sewing machine.

  1. Always use your cover: Whenever your machine is not in use, be sure to put on its cover. This stops lint, dust, dirt and even pet fur from getting into your machine and causing a build up. If you don’t have a cover, use a clean pillowcase or you can even make a pretty material cover as your next project.
  2. New needles: Needles can quickly become blunt, resulting in skipping stitches, broken threads and loops. It’s best to change out your needle after a big project or 8-10 hours of sewing.
  3. Regular cleaning: After a big project, your sewing machine should be gently cleaned. First, run a piece of muslin cloth between the tension discs to remove fibres. Then, remove the throat piece, bobbin and bobbin case and use a small brush to dust around the bobbin area. You can also use compressed air to remove any dust or lint, just be sure to angle it away from the parts you are cleaning so that you don’t drive the dust deeper.
  4. Annual services: A good service once a year will ensure that the tension on your machine is correct, all of it’s parts are properly tuned and that any more difficult to reach areas are properly cleaned.

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