The New Year is here and it’s a great time to make positive changes in your life! Rather than the traditional New Year’s resolutions, why not try something different this year and learn to sew? Find out why this is the perfect challenge for 2018, from the team at Empisal, manufacturers of the EMPISA; EES 50 SEWING MACHINE.

  • Save money: After one of the biggest shopping seasons of the year, wallets are looking a bit lean in January and everyone starts thinking of new ways to save. But why not make this a permanent part of your life through sewing? You can make your own clothes (tailored to the perfect fit, too!), sew your own home décor, gifts and more at a fraction of the cost.
  • Start a new career: Want to take your career in a whole new direction? Sewing is the way to go! With consumers on the lookout for home-made and artisanal goods, there’s never been a better time to learn how to sew. Some great projects include book bags, tablecloths and placemats, clothing, beach cover-ups and blankets.
  • Let out your creative side: If you love expressing your unique creativity, sewing is a wonderful outlet that allows you to create beautiful and practical items – rather than being limited to what’s available in stores. Trawl through fabric shops, online fabric stores and vintage shops for inspirational projects!
  • Resources: Learning to sew used to be a challenge, but that’s all changed thanks to the internet. In addition to helpful salespeople at your sewing machine store or fabric shop, you can find patterns, inspiration, how-to advice, and video tutorials online. These step-by-step guides are easy to follow and you can move at your own pace – all in the comfort of your own home.
  • Affordable: Although sewing is seeing a surge in popularity, it’s still easy to pick up a good quality sewing machine at an affordable price if you know where to look. Favourite brands like Empisal offer a range of machines for different skill levels and budgets that are easy and inexpensive to maintain.

Affordable sewing equipment for beginners and professionals! 

At Empisal, we’ve been providing high quality, affordable sewing machines, over lockers, steam presses and ironing equipment to South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa for over 35 years.

Whether you’re learning to sew or a professional, Empisal has the right sewing machine for you. With the EMPISAL EES 50, you’ll be able to take on new projects with ease and get the most out of your sewing skills.

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