Since 1989, every third Saturday in March has been Quilting Day. In preparation for 20 March, it is time to haul out your sewing machine and get cracking!

Not (Necessarily) Your Grandma’s Quilt 

According to the history books, “the first remnants of quilting were dated to 3400BC, showing that this art form had existed far into pre-history. By the 5th Century AD in Europe, it was an integral part of their tradition of needlework.”

Traditional quilting block designs are evergreen – Grandmother’s flower garden, log cabin, pinwheel, snowflake or star, tulip etc. Modern quilts have come a long way since these early origins. What has not changed is their nostalgic contribution to marking important life events.

Quilting for Profit 

Selling handcrafted quilts to make a profit can be a challenge, as many people baulk at the price needed to recover your time and material costs. Do not despair, though, as we have some tips on how to make your love of quilting fun and profitable.

Quilt Pricing Formula 

Retail = wholesale x 2

Wholesale = (cost of supplies + time) x 2

Supplies needed include fabric for the top, backing, and binding, batting, thread, and pattern. You also need to factor in the cost of your sewing machine, rotary cutters and scissors, pins, and cutting boards.

While there is always much discussion about pricing hand-crafted goods, you need to determine what the market will bear and decide whether or not that is fair payment for your hard work. Keeping accurate records and finding wholesale suppliers helps your business to move forward.


Online marketplaces have made it easier to sell your masterpieces. Because quilts are a luxury item, it is vital to showcase the quality of your craftsmanship with top quality photos and excellent product descriptions.

Be patient. There are customers out there who appreciate the value of bespoke quilts. In time, your reputation as a talented quilter will attract discerning clients – you are not competing with mass-produced items.

Are you ready to quilt for profit? For more information on our affordable sewing machines, overlockers, and other sewing equipment, contact the team at Empisal today.

P.S. March 20th is not only Quilting Day, but also International Day of Happiness. Coincidence? I think not!