Empisal Overlocker EOL4D


Main Features of the Empisal Overlocker EOL4D:

  • Elastic tape sewing foot
  • Folded 2-thread rolled hem
  • Folded 3-thread rolled hem
  • Free arm
  • Gimp sewing foot
  • Lint box
  • Looper cover
  • Thread spool stand
  • Telescopic thread guide
  • Thread unreeling disc
  • Threading /right needle A (green)

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Pack Dimensions: L x W x H


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The following accessories are included with the machine

  1. Overedge needles system EL X 705, cat. Nr.2020
  2. Screwdriver (large)
  3. Screwdriver (small)
  4. Pair of tweezers
  5. Cleaning brush
  6. Lower knife
  7. Thread unreeling disc (4X)
  8. Machine oil