Buttons often add the perfect bit of flair to an item of clothing, bag or piece of home décor, so learning to do them on your sewing machine is a great time-saver! Here is a quick tutorial for manual machines from Empisal, makers of the EMPISAL EES50 and other affordable sewing equipment.

  • Attach your buttonhole sewing foot to your machine. You may also have a buttonhole setting on your machine (there is an automatic buttonhole setting on many modern, digital machines) as well. Ensure that you have the correct colour threads and you’re good to go.
  • Place your buttons out on your project where you would like the buttonholes to be and mark them out with a washable fabric pen. Make sure to mark at the top and the bottom of the button to ensure that you have the right size for your buttonhole. Connect the top and bottom marks with a straight line so that you have a path for the buttonhole.
  • Every sewing machine is different, so it’s best to read through this section of your manual to ensure that you have the correct settings for sewing a buttonhole before you start. This may include changing the stitch length, changing to a buttonhole setting, and so forth. Follow these steps carefully along the marks you have made and you’ll see that your machine will create a very tightly stitched rectangular slot that fits your button perfectly.
  • Now you have to open the buttonhole. Using a seam ripper, carefully puncture the inside of the slot and cut from end to end, being careful not to tear the stitching. Using scissors, clean up the edges and remove any stray threads. Congratulations, you now have a buttonhole!

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