Hems can be a tricky part of many projects, and learning to master the hem is essential to getting a great finished result even on difficult fabrics or bias cuts. Here are some tips from the Empisal team, makers of the affordable and versatile [sewing machine unit here].

  • Plan: Make use of the shorten or lengthen lines that you usually find on patterns so that you can examine the hem lengths before you cut. You don’t have to make a muslin, you can even just pin-fit the tissue paper pattern to see if the hem lengths are correct.
  • Use the horizontal balance line: This is the line that runs perpendicular to the grain of your fabric. Always keep it at the same level and parallel to the floor the entire way around the garment, so that your hems stay level.
  • Hem depth: You can keep a larger hem depth to give yourself more room for adapting your garment as you sew. A 2-5cm seam allowance is idea, easier to manage and makes pinning a hem much easier.
  • Ask a friend: Marking a hem yourself, even with a mirror, is a challenge! Especially since the way we bend and hold our bodies is unique to each person. Rather, call a friend over who can help pin your hem while you stand and watch – it will save time and you can always return the favour!
  • The Martha Stewart technique: This is an easy and time-saving method. If you want a 3cm hem, simply draw line on a piece of cardboard marking a 3cm border, place the cardboard on the fabric parallel to the fabric edge, fold the fabric over the card to the 3cm marked line, and press with an iron. Repeat until you have marked all your fabric.

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