If you love sewing and are skilled at it, you have probably considered sewing for business. Being your own boss and achieving financial success can become the result of taking your hobby to the next level.

How to Start a Sewing Business 

Right from the outset you need to ask yourself pertinent questions that help to form the following:

1. Clear vision

Who is the ideal client in your specific target market?

Write up a detailed buyer persona – a fictional character describing the characteristics of your ideal client.

What type of sewing services or products will your business offer to that market?

For example, repair and alteration services, making clothing for others, home décor specialist, giving classes as a sewing tutor, selling your sewing crafts, or a sewing machine repair service.

2. Business plan

How will you price your products and services?

The art of pricing requires basic mathematics as well as how much behaviour impacts the way we perceive price.

What add-on products or services can you create to increase profit?

To improve profit margins, offer additional products that are designed to complement your core products and services.

3. Marketing strategy

How are you going to connect with the people in your target market?

Drumming up business needn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Depending on what type of service or products you offer, consider some of these ideas to market your business:

Word of mouth is the most effective form of advertising, although it takes a while to show rewards. Tell absolutely everybody you know or come into contact with about your skills and passion and how they contribute to your business.

Advertise with business cards or flyers at your local fabric shop or other relevant area where your ideal client spends time.

Create a blog and build a loyal following who love your speciality. Sign them up to an email marketing list in exchange for something they desperately want.

Sell online using Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, and similar platforms.

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