The reversible wrap skirt is a must-have item in your wardrobe because of its versatility, comfort, and stylish flair. Because of the lack of structure and fastening, this skirt is suitable to wear year-round and is flattering to every figure. If you are a fashionista looking for a fun, new sewing machine project to revitalise your wardrobe, read on. Let’s create that innovative signature piece!

The reversible wrap skirt 

Here is what you will need to get started:

  • Empisal sewing machine
  • Overlocker
  • Wrap skirt pattern (any basic A-line or flared skirt pattern)
  • 2 contrasting colour/patterned fabrics of the same weight 
  • 3-4 spools matching thread
  • Buttonhole foot


Sew and repeat:

  1. If your pattern has darts, sew them first. Repeat for the lining.
  2. Join the front pieces to the back piece at the side seams. Repeat for the lining.
  3. Overlock the side seams to finish the raw edges. Repeat for the lining.
  4. Press the seams and darts. Press the side seams towards the back, and the darts towards the side seams. To reduce the bulk, press the seams and darts the opposite way on the lining.
  5. Finish the raw edges of the hems with the overlocker. Sew up the hems. Ensure that the length of the skirt and lining are equal. 

Joining the layers:

  1. Join the lining to the skirt along the edges of the front pieces. Remember to place right-sides together.
  2. Turn the skirt right-side-out and top-stitch along the edges of the front pieces.
  3. Join the waistband pieces at the centre-back seam or side seams (refer to your chosen pattern). Press the seams open to reduce bulk.
  4. Secure the skirt pieces together along the top edge with staystitching. Join the waistband to the skirt.
  5. Sew a buttonhole at the side seam of the waistband.
  6. Join the two layers of the skirt together at the side seams on the hem.


  • For best results, we recommend that your two chosen fabrics be of the same weight or similar fibre content to ensure an even drape when wearing the skirt.
  • Join the skirt hems together before attaching the waistband instead of sewing two separate hems to prevent the underlayer from showing.

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