Sewing machine project: How to sew a baby beanie

Sewing machine

Sewing baby clothes on your sewing machine is a wonderful project that makes for some unique and great-looking outfits and gifts! Beanies are a fun, useful accessory that babies and parents will love – adding a perfect touch to an outfit while keeping heads warm in chilly weather. Here’s a quick tutorial from Empisal, makers of the EMPISAL EES 50, on how to sew a baby beanie.

Making your baby beanie pattern

The template for this pattern is nice and easy to make. Simply cut a “U” shaped template out of paper, ensuring that the top of the “U” is half the circumference of the baby’s head plus a 1cm border around the edge for sewing.

Steps to sewing your baby beanie

  • Pin your template down on the material of your choice (it’s best to choose something soft with a bit of stretch to it, the pattern is up to you)
  • Cut your template out twice to get each side of the beanie. It’s best to cut these separately rather than simply doubling the material up under the template, as the end result is much neater.
  • Pin the two pieces of fabric together with the design facing inwards, so you are working on the beanie inside out.
  • Stitch the two pieces together around the curved edges of the “U” shape, 1 cm in from the edge so that you get a comfortable seam allowance.
  • Turn up the bottom, open end of the beanie by about 3 cm and iron it flat. Then sew the turn up down around the beanie about 2cm from the raw edge.
  • Turn the beanie to the right side and gently iron the seams.
  • Turn up the beanie about 1.5cm up from the edge, on the right side, to form a cuff, and hand sew it to the two seams to keep it secure.

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