Sewing project: Easy beach cover-up

Summer is in full swing, and that means long, hot days relaxing at the beach or around the pool with friends, family or just a good book! A swimsuit cover-up is a great accessory for this season, not only does it add fashionable flair, it also protects you from the sun and gives you something light and easy to wear when walking around. Here are some quick and easy sewing projects that the team at Empisal, manufacturers of the EMPISAL EES 50 were inspired by.

  • The kimono: This is an open front design that drapes over your shoulders and back. It’s very fashionable at the moment and lends itself to bright patterns and interesting trim, like mini pom-poms or lace.
  • The romper: This is a more technical project, but this shorts-and-top ensemble looks and feels great! It’s a cover-up that can be worn in in any casual setting, and – even better – it’s not going to blow up in the wind.
  • The beach towel poncho: A great cover-up for kids, this is an easy project for new or old beach towels. It provides kids with an easy way to dry off, and some sun protection.
  • The trapeze tank: If dresses are more your style, this relaxed-fitting summer cover-up is perfect for you. With wider straps and a light, breezy material, this dress is easy to throw on over any swimming costume.
  • The boho: Bring out your inner bohemian with a festival-style beach cover-up. It’s easy to make, but looks impressively complex when complete, with loose, open sleeves and a gathered neckline.
  • The tunic: Want an everyday beach cover-up that offers good sun protection? This tunic dress with ¾ sleeves is easy to make and lends itself to bright colours and patterns in light, draping materials.

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